Regardless if you have just moves into a new apartment or house or have resided there for several years, you are at risk of pantry moths. It is quite unsettling to get bugs in your house, however pantry moths can really lay their eggs in your food and your kitchen. You can prevent this risky end by having some precautions now that you might get pantry moths and in the future to keep moth-free.

How do you know if you have pantry moth

Pantry moth can get access into your apartment or home through dry-packaged foods. At this point, moths may already be in their larvae or in full growth. For pantry moths, the most usual homes include flour, breads, pastas, cookies, beans, cereals, and spices. Also, your pet food is not that safe.

You can begin checking your pantry to know if you have pantry moths. Indeed, these moths will live in any areas in your kitchen. The greatest indicator that you have these bugs if you can see holes throughout the boxes or packages of your food. Moreover, pantry moths may leave a smell behind.

The moment you assume that you have pantry moths, you have to begin by cleaning your home or apartment. Get rid of the entire food that can be currently found in your pantry or kitchen and cleanse it with white vinegar. Moreover, it is also recommended to use tea tree, citronella, peppermint or eucalyptus oil since it can help you in cleaning. Also, you can utilize soap and water for a thorough cleaning,

No-kill removal options

In case you do not want to exterminate these pantry moths, it is suggested that you buy bay leaves. These will eliminate pantry moths away due to its smell. Apart from that, some bugs such as weevils, flies, cockroaches, ants and some sorts of moths will maybe stay away also. You must put these leaves in the pantry and some areas in your kitchen that you wish to target.

Other removal options

You have different ways on how to remove these bugs at your disposal. First, you must get rid of all the infested products from your dispose and home of them instantly. From there, it is smart to purchase a moth trap, which can be purchased at home improvement stores or grocery stores.

Prevention for pantry moth

Now that you have solved your problems about pantry moth, you have to take some precautions in the future to let these bugs stay away for good. Moreover, you can still buy dry pre-packaged food, however you might need to freeze the food before you consume it. This will guarantee you that there will be no more pantry eggs in your kitchen. Also, you have to take out all food in your pantry and kitchen much frequently and cleans down the space often. You need to be careful with your food storage and put all the dry pre-packaged foods in tight storage containers and spaces for them not to get inside.