A trend in the United States is provoking the problem of homelessness to end. Even if it only exists in a few cities, the growing movement is undoubtedly spreading fast for good reasons. The trend is coined the “tiny house movement.”

In this movement, small houses are built in “villages” using recycled materials, and the construction is being facilitated by volunteers. With the nature of the smallness of the house, it is inherently inexpensive to produce, and less hectic to put up in an open space. These houses are estimated to be as cheap as five grand, and it is believed that it can solve the country’s problem in homelessness.

How it Can Solve the Problem of Homelessness:

With the United States’ problem of homelessness, 1,750,000 people are proven to be among those who are in poverty with no property of a home. These people are believed to be homeless due to their fault or through their own choice, and they find it very hard to crawl their way out of this problem.

By facilitating the construction of tiny houses, volunteers are giving shelter for these people that are in need. These homeless people are then given a chance to have their lives changes, by giving them the privilege of having a home, where they can socialize with their neighbors, and live in a community where a sense of solidarity is evident.

How to Strengthen the Tiny House Movement:

Providing a safe and comfortable place for homeless people can make a huge difference in their lives; however, offering them this aid cannot solely cure the problem of homelessness in the country. Even if volunteers can shelter them, they also need to learn the necessary skills for them to be productive citizens such as the ability to apply and hold a job.

Even if volunteers are successful in providing the last homeless person home, the cause will come off in vain if there are no measures that can help them make their lives as normal as those people who are income generating and comfortable.

Though it is undeniable that having shelter is essential and vital, providing them this aid is only a step closer to giving every citizen the most basic assistance that they need, and it should not just stop at providing them a roof over their head but ultimately giving them a comfortable and improved way of life.