Now, you are prepared to provide a makeover to your home by doing a few necessary interior painting. Selecting a new color for every room of your house is the fun part; you have already bought several selections with brands and ultimately found the ideal shade or every room.

However, what kind of finish and sheen to choose upon purchasing the paint can be a bit more confusing. Does finish/sheen selection actually matter? Does it rely on what room will be painted?

Professionals at paint stores and home improvement answers yes to those questions. The finish selection and sheen really does matter. The following choices below are highly recommended according to the room being painted:

Bathroom or kitchen

The most ideal type for bathrooms and kitchen is either for Semi-gloss or high-gloss since these kinds of finishes are much easier to clean and durable. Moreover, they can hold their color well and withstand moisture over time.

Dining rooms.

You can consider an eggshell finish for your dining room since it is less durable compare to gloss finishes. However, it greatly conceals wall imperfections.

Living room or family room.

The ideal choice for living rooms is a satin finish because it can withstand the high traffic that the majority of family living room endure and it can clean well.


For the bedrooms, a matte or high-pigment flat finish is perfect. A high-pigment flat has a range a bit of sheen up to no sheen and it works well for rooms that perceives quite low-key activities. These types of finishes are also affordable as well, hence, you can save some money while you paint these rooms.

Aside from finishes and paint sheens, what else do you have to know about?

Design Considerations

You must also know the aesthetic impact upon making a choice. Finishes and sheens vary due to the amount of light that reflects off the dried paint or the light that they diffuse. Light bounces off matte and flat paint finishes in several various ways, which leaves a bit of shine.

Matte or flat

Gives an elegant and smooth look

Less reflectiveness that will make the room’s light more subdued

Absorbs grease and dirt and can be hard to clean


Offers warmth and visual depth

Creates a velvety and soft finish

A bit reflective

More strain resistant compared to matte or flat finishes.



Contains a bit of shimmer.

In between sheen and high gloss

Can stand moisture really well


Reflective and brilliant

Can create a shiny, bright, look

Heightens the room energy

Simple to wipe clean

Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and ceilings, railings, shutters, highlighting trim and molding as well.

Finally, there is no proper guidelines regarding what you must choose. It is said that the higher the sheen is, the more the finish can withstand scrubbing or cleaning. As this is an essential consideration, you have to think also your personal design and lifestyle choices as well.